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Private Label

Product development and design

Branding of the packaging, wide variety of cans – following your specific requirements we can design the cans with your logo, appropriate colors and fonts, with or without cardboard box for packaging and create a unique brand for your cans and recipes.

Digital Brand Development

Specifically developed captivating website, which shows the fun, delightful and enjoyable part of eating canned fish. It will include recipes, articles, tips & tricks about cooking canned fish, videos showing the use of your products in various ways. The purpose of this website is to bring value to the consumer, give useful information about recipes and lifestyle, and show that canned fish may

Guaranteeing healthy production

Our processing methods preserve all the health benefits of fish We use steam and hot water to remove the skin of our fish fillets, thus avoiding the usual chemical processes used. We specialize in processing some of the healthiest types of fish like mackerel, saira, salmon, sardines, calamari and other seafood Our capacity is 5 tons of processed fish per day

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