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3 amazing health benefits of mackerel
April 30, 2018
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  1. Abundant in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Our bodies are able to create most of the necessary fats for their proper function. However, omega-3 fatty acids, also known as essential fats, cannot be created and, therefore, need to be included in our diets. Studies amongst Eskimos and the Japanese, both fish-eating cultures, have shown a low rate of heart-related deaths. In Japan, these rates have even been noted to be roughly half of what they are in other western societies. The more fish you consume, the more omega-3 fatty acids you absorb, since our bodies cannot produce them.[1]

  1. A tasty way to get Vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential, as it has many benefits for your heart. Vitamin K also aids in building your bones, which can help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. Like vitamin D, most people are deficient in vitamin K to some degree. We intake enough to help our blood clot properly, but not enough to avoid many other health risks. The recommended amount of daily vitamin K depends on your age and gender. For the average adult, men should intake about 120 micrograms per day and women should have roughly 90 micrograms daily.[2]

  1. Effectively regulates blood cholesterol

Like triglycerides, cholesterol is a fatty-like substance that is found in the cells of your body. Cholesterol is necessary to make hormones and other substances that help you digest your food. The fish oil found in mackerel has been known to lower LDL levels and raise HDL levels. Since oily fish can help lower LDL levels by keeping cholesterol from being absorbed into the intestines, it is also effective at lowering blood pressure.[3]

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