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The first Bulgarian producer of sterilized canned fish

In 1948 several small shops producing canned fish products merged to form Slavianka.
In 1973 the production was centralised and moved to the fishing port of Bourgas where it has remained ever since.
In 2004 Slavianka completed a project for renovation and modernisation of its production lines under the Sapard program. As a result we met all sanitation and hygiene norms for fish processing issued by the European Commission.

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Private Label

Private Label Services

Slavianka offers private label production tailored to the specific requirements and needs of every client. With our flexible production techniques and your recipes we can create high quality products that match your corporate and brand identities.Our private label services span from product design to production to digital brand development.

Advantages of using private label

  • It allows you to focus on your business’s core competency;
  • Satisfying your customers` needs quickly and qualitatively;
  • It is quick and easy to brand;
  • It saves you time and money;
  • Effective brand development with optimal resources
  • Gives you more control over pricing, marketing, sales and distribution
  • Private labels make it harder for competitors to match and price check your products
  • Private label products tend to be more profitable while also giving you control overyour pricing options
Private Label

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